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Why Miami Should Be The Only Place On Your Vacation Bucket List

As people to name a city in the USA that would love to visit and you’re likely to get three names - New York, Los Angeles and Miami. Visit any one of these and it tends to start something of a love affair. People come thinking it will be one trip and they’ll tick it off their bucket list, then they end up not waiting to leave and returning whenever they can. This is particularly true with Miami. A gorgeous Sunny delight all year round, it’s hard to turn down a trip to this great city. It’s also a lot of fun to tell people just how warm and gorgeous it is while everyone else is freezing to death!

Miami really is a city that has it all. The beaches in Miami are probably what it is known for best with South Beach right at the top of just about everyones’ must see list. It’s another sight that definitely will set your heart a-fluttering. With crystal clear water and enough beach for everyone, it’s a great place to lie back, relax and forget all of your troubles.

However this is a city that has so much to offer than just beaches. What you might not know is that Miami is something of a Mecca for food too. With a new restaurant popping up every week, there’s always something new to try, and with some much competition out there, you can be sure of a great meal- if it’s not then no restaurant will survive long in this city. If you want to find a real gem however we recommend chatting with the locals. They often know the best places off the beaten track to find some true delights.

And then there are of course the many other attractions that tourists flock to. With everything from the alligators you’ll see on your Everglades Airboat tour, to the Metro Zoo, Miami Seaquarium, we can definitely tick the wildlife box. There’s also much too be learnt in the many museums of the city, and gorgeous art to be appreciated at every turn.

But let’s not forget the most special thing of all about this location - the people. Some of the most friendly and happy people you’re ever meet. You may come to the city a stranger, but you can be sure you’ll be returning home with an army of friends who can’t wait to see you again!

A perfect destination for families, lone travellers and couples alike, the great thing about this city is that there really is something for everyone and their taste. This doesn’t just relate to attractions either. You will find that there is a hotel to suit just about every soul. If you’re a big fan of Art Deco and the Googie style then a trip to Biscayne Boulevard will have you head over heels in love. The Vagabond Hotel in particular is something of a gem having been lovingly restored. If everything high tech and modern is more your thing then The Epic Hotel may definitely be more your thing. Love being pampered? Well it’s off to The Standard Miami for you.

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What Things To Do In Miami: The Family Edition

The problem with most vacation destinations is that they’re really only suitable for Summer, unless you’re a snow lover who wants to hit the slopes. Miami, however, is different. A perfect all year round destination, the city won’t though just tempt you for the warm weather. It is also the ideal location to entertain families of all ages and sizes as we truly have got something for everyone.

Don’t believe us? Well we like a challenge! Just want to spend your holiday lazying about on a gorgeous beach? Miami is packed full of them, whether it’s Miami Beach itself, South Beach, North Beach and that’s only naming the big ones… you’ll find many a hidden gem if you take the time to go beyond the normal tourist sites.

What about if you’re a family who is more into their wildlife? We can tick that box too! Miami Metro Zoo and Jungle Island are both easily accessible from the city, and should you be after a bit more adventure then we’d suggest taking a trip to the Everglades. With alligators and airboat tours both on offer, we’d definitely recommend using the latter to see the former if you want to stay in one piece! Perfect for both the adults and the kids, you’ll all have many a tale to tell on returning home from a trip here!

If adventure isn’t your thing however, there’s still plenty to keep you entertained. Alongside the Zoo, there’s also the hugely popular Seaquarium, and if you’re a family obsessed with how things work then the Miami Science musem should definitely teach you all a thing or two. You should also make sure to check out the Miami Children’s Museum. A great place for your kids to discover more about how everything from television studios to supermarkets work, we’re pretty sure that it won’t just be the kids in the group who will be wanting to test out all of those interactive displays.

Got a bit of spare time for some monkeying round? Well you can literally do just that at Monkey Jungle. Dedicated to helping you learn more about these primates, you’ll soon find the hours flying past as you witness them in their natural habitat… and if they’re feeling sociable, you might even get the chance to interact with them too!

If you’re the type of family who like to just get outside and explore the great outdoors, you might think that the city isn’t the place for you. This might well not be true in other locations, but in Miami, it’s quite the opposite. Alongside the Everglades, there’s also a wider array of national parks and open land for you to explore with Biscayne National Park being one we really recommend that you head to. From the name you might be imagining acres and acres of green landscapes - this park though has something of a treat in store for you. There is definitely a lot of wildlife on show here, but not necessarily what you might be expecting with the real stars of the show being the aquamarine waters, emerald islands, and fish-bejeweled coral reefs. With many activities open to the public to allow you to explore more there’s the opportunity to go diving, boating or camping… or if you prefer you can just sit back and relax and take in the natural beauty that way… though with kids in tow we wish you luck with that one!

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What Are The Best Places To Visit In Miami?

Heading to Miami and want to make sure you don’t miss out on the best of our city’s great attractions when you’re here? We’re here to help. Whether you’re coming as a family, a couple of just a solo traveller, we’ve got something for everyone, ranging from getting up close and personal with stunning Miami wildlife at Jungle Island, or just hanging out at the beach.

Many people think that Miami is all about city sights and the beach. The truth though is though there’s a whole lot more to discover. Head out of the city and to the Everglades and you’re going to feel like you’re in a whole new world… and if you’re really after an adventures then make sure to go on one of the Everglades Airboat tours. It’ll not only let you see everything that the Everglades has to offer - including many an alligator - but make sure you do it in style!

If alligators aren’t your thing though and you want something a bit more sedate then Miami Metro Zoo and Jungle Island will tick all of your boxes without leaving you scared that you’re going to be get eaten alive by a large reptile! Great places for families, it’s also equally popular with adults so don’t feel just because you haven’t got little ones with you that you can’t check it out. Oh, and while we’re on the subject of wildlife, if marine animals are more your thing then make sure to check out the Miami Seaquarium. One of the most popular tourist destinations in the city, it’s loved by both tourists and locals alike. Another must visit has to be the Miami Science Museum - even the least geeky person in the wrold can’t help, but fall in love with this place!

Don’t feel though that visiting Miami has to be all about going to attractions and spending all day at them. Much of the real beauty of the city can be seen in it’s architecture and there’s no better way to see this than to head out either on a bike or walking tour. Often occuring through Midtown and the Design District, these are a great way to learn more about the city from some of the experts in the field (who are also often local meaning they have some great hints and tips on how to discover the real Miami!)

Planning to try and hit them all while you’re here? To save a bit of money make sure you pick up the Go Miami Card. Designed to allow you to pay once and then be able to access numerous locations at a much lower cost to what you’d have to pay at each individual event, it doesn’t cover very attraction, but does a pretty job! For example, just within Miami itself you’re able to access:

  • Gator Park Airboat Tours 
  • Pelican Harbor Seabird Station 
  • Jungle Queen Riverboat 
  • Art Deco Walking Tour 
  • Lowe Art Museum 
  • Vizcaya Museum and Gardens 
  • Island Queen Cruises 
  • Jungle Island 
  • Go Car Tours: The Storytelling Car 
  • Millionaire’s Row Cruise: Island Queen Cruises 
  • Miami Science Museum 
  • Lion Country Safari 
  • Key Largo Princess Cruise
  • Coral Castle 
  • Bar Hop Shuttle
  • Miami Seaquarium 
  • Duck Tours-South Beach 
  • Hop-On Hop-Off 24-Hour Pass 
  • Miami Children’s Museum 
  • Sawgrass Recreation Park Airboat Tour 
  • World Erotic Art Museum 
  • Bike n Roll 1/2 day Bicycle Rental 
  • Everglades Tour
  • Ft Lauderdale Duck Tours 
  • Zoo Miami

If money is tight then don’t worry, you can still have a great time in our great city without having to spend a fortune to do it. The beaches are one of the highlights of the city, and won’t cost you a thing, but there are also many attractions that won’t cost you a thing to go into, which we’ll be getting into in a full article on the site very soon!

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The Tomasoski Guide To The Best Luxury Hotels In Miami


One of the most popular cities in the world, Miami definitely has a lot to offer with it’s amazing beaches and never-ending list of must see attractions. A treat for couples, singletons and families alike, it’s a location that cn be enjoyed on any budget, but of course if you really want to experience it as it’s best, you eant to do it in truly luxury!

The good news is that you’re not going to have to look far to find somewhere to suit your needs as Miami is able to pride itself on having some of the best hotels on the planet that will treat you like royalty, without needing the heritage to prove it. From small boutique hotels, focused on amazing spa treatments to penthouse hotels with every gadget and gizmo that you could imagine (and some you didn’t even know existed yet), we are able to tick every box.

So what are some of the gems that we have on offer for you. The first has to be the Intercontinental Miami. Focused on making sure it’s state of the art facilities are more matched by it’s attentive, personal service, its also home to some of the city’s finest restaurants including the the Blue Water Café Pool Grill and the Indigo restaurant. Let’s not forget the amazing views that come along with it too! The beach looks so tempting, you’ll find it hard to not want to immediately grab your beach towel and head out there to relax.

There is then the Vagabond Hotel in Biscayne Boulevard. At the opposite end of the spectrum concerning size, this small boutique hotel definitely is something of a gem though. First opening in 1953, it was designed by Robert Swartzburg and was one of the hot spots of the city, attracting tourists, celebs and locals alike. Spending many years forgotten about, 2014, however has been the year of it’s triumphant return. With a stunning private pool, gorgeous Tiki bar, onsite restaurant and all the mod cons you could imagine, the real beauty of it is how it has to combine all this while retaining the heritage oof the past.

And then there’s The Standard, Miami. Another gem from our past, this establishment was first built in 1957, but opened as a hotel in 2006. Focused on relaxation and pampering, it’s the perfect place to go if you’re a fan of lounging by the pool, giving your body a workout with a day of yoga then unwind with spa treatment after spa treatment. You can then wrap it all up with a gorgeous meal in the restaurant - where everything has been designed to not only taste amazing, but also to be good for you at the same time.

This is just the start however. With new hotels popping in Miami every week, there’s a huge amount of competition to see as the best and most luxurious, which is great news for high end tourists as it means everyone is out there to prove they’re the very best, and let’s be honest no-one is going to turn down the opportunity to be treated like a VIP are they!

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Learn The Tricks To Eating At The Best Restaurants In Miami

While many tourists come to Miami to see the amazing sights on offer, what many go away remembering most are the restaurants. Home to ome of the diverse and delicious restaurants you’ll ever come across, you’ll find anything and everything from Floribbean cuisine to fine French dining and some of the best Italian restaurants you’ll ever come across.

Oh, and of course with the ocean just minutes away, you’re definitely going to want to sample the amazing seafood dishes available. If sushi, in particular, is your thing then you’re really in luck - we’re spoilt for choice with one of our top picks being Nobu with it’s great food and incredible ambiance.

If you’re looking for some of the most trendy restaurants in the city then you can’t go wrong with heading down to Collins Avenue. A hit with both tourists and locals alike, you’ll find more top restaurants on this strip than you’ll find in the whole of many cities. Some restaurants we’d recommend checking out include Grillfish, La Perrada de Edgar, Las Vegas Restaurant, Cantina 27, La Cote Restaurant, Pita Loca, Shula’s Steak House and Setai Beach Bar.

The only downside with restaurants on Collins Avenue is this. Everyone loves them. This means that often these places are really hard to get into. Don’t despair though. Our advice is firstly to see if you can book to ensure you get to try out these restaurants while in the city, but if that’s not possible then there are alternatives.

Drop in and find out when the restaurant tends to be quieter. You’ll probably find out you’ll be in more luck if you at earlier or later. Yes, that does mean that you may well have to shift your day around a bit to faciliate it, but in many cases it can be worth it - experiencing these culinary delights can be just a good a memory as checking out some of the main sights. For example, check out the dining experience at the Mandarin Oriental - now that’s something you’re not going to forget quickly!

If that doesn’t appeal to you though, don’t worry. It doesn’t mean you need to end up eating sandwiches in your hotel room. Yes, some of the best known restaurants are to be found on the big name streets we all know in Miami, but the good news is there are equally many amazing restaurants that the majority of tourists will never discover.

This is because, like in many cities, there are hundreds of amazing places to eat that unless you’re a local you’re never likely to stumble across. So how do you find them? If your concierge is any good then they should be able to tell you of a few nearby delight, however don’t worry if they’re not able to help - talk to locals, whether they be staff at attractions or just the man or woman in front of you in the coffee queue. One of the best things about Miami is how friendly everyone is, and if we can help you out in any way you can be sure that we’re going to do just that!